Normative base
The Arbitration Commission is guided in its activity by the Constitution, laws, acts of the President, the Exchange Regulation, exchange trade rules and other regulatory legal acts
The competence of the Arbitration Commission includes:
1 Cancellation of validity of bargains concluded at exchange auctions
2 Cancellation of contracts registered and not claimed at the Exchange
3 Consideration of disputes on exchange bargains and exchange trade issues
4 Consideration of disputes on contracts upon their conclusion, modification and cancellation
5 Commission has the right to change, cancel and restore the decision made
6 Consideration of violations committed by participants of exchange trade
Contract registration procedure
Procedure of determination of prices for the goods
Sizes of charges for exchange services
Sizes of deposits for participants of auctions
Procedure for acquisition of a broker site
On Amendments to the Procedure for Registration of External Trade and Internal Trade Contracts
on Commodity and Raw Material Exchanges and Trade
on International Treaties
Internal Control Rules
These Rules are developed for the purposes of execution of the requirements of the Law “Om Money-Laundering and Financing of Terrorism” and subject to obligatory observance in accordance with the requirements of the current Civil and Criminal Code of Turkmenistan
Documents for downloading
Internal Control Rules
Questionnaire of legal entity
Questionnaire of entrepreneur
Questionnaire for completing by legal entity
Questionnaire for completing by entrepreneur
Consular Legalization Procedure Instruction

Consular legalization means identification and certification of authenticity of signatures on such documents and certificates as well as their compliance with the laws of the state of the consul’s staying by means of making a legalized lettering or putting down a legalized stamp in the state and English languages.

Documents for downloading

Questionnaire of legal entity

List of necessary documents for exhibiting of the goods for exchange auctions

Letter-application with a request for authorization to expose the goods for exchange auctions

Letter-application for sale of the goods completed as per established form

Specification of the goods made in accordance with SCRMET requirements

Documents confirming the right to be engaged in enterprise activity


Documents confirming origin of the goods

Currency converter

1 RUB = 0.047 TMT


1 TMT = 21.21 RUB

In connection with the digitalization of the Exchange's activities and the transition to electronic document flow, we ask you to send documents in WORD format to the following addresses for preliminary consideration of draft contracts:

  1. Financial Monitoring Department -
  2. Registration department -
  3. Marketing department -

After reviewing the draft contracts by the relevant departments, comments for revision will be sent back to the address you sent.

The State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan announces an open tender for the development and implementation of digitalization of the GTSBT activity (for the national currency).

Bids are accepted till January 21, 2021.


Phone: 44-60-20; 44-60-15, 44-60-09