Rates and fees

Tariffs for services provided by the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan

Drafting, printing and execution of projects and copies of contracts (taking into account the cost of paper, per page), information on one page

100 тмт

Tariffs (including VAT) in manats

Brokerage services
Total contract amount
0 – 525 000 525 тмт
For non-residents 150 $
Over 525 001 manats 0.1 %

Price information
(for 1 (one) item)
For residents 105 тмт
For non-residents 30 $
Brokerage place
For residents 10 000 тмт
For non-residents 5 000 $
For non-resident buyers of
oil and gas commodities
10 000 $
Customer registration by the financial control department
For residents 525 тмт
For non-residents 150 $

Registration of additional agreements

1 (one) additional agreement regardless of the number of pages
For residents 350 тмт
For non-residents 100 $

Information about prices, including a conclusion on the price (the cost of one item, but the total cost should not exceed the cost of 100 items) 105 тмт
For non-residents 30 $
Currency converter

1 RUB = 0.047 TMT


1 TMT = 21.21 RUB

In connection with the digitalization of the Exchange's activities and the transition to electronic document flow, we ask you to send documents in WORD format to the following addresses for preliminary consideration of draft contracts:

  1. Financial Monitoring Department -
  2. Registration department - hasaba_alys@exchange.gov.tm
  3. Marketing department - baha_seljeris@exchange.gov.tm

After reviewing the draft contracts by the relevant departments, comments for revision will be sent back to the address you sent.

The State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan announces an open tender for the development and implementation of digitalization of the GTSBT activity (for the national currency).

Bids are accepted till January 21, 2021.

E-mail: info@exchange.gov.tm

Phone: 44-60-20; 44-60-15, 44-60-09